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Ivory Elegance Handwoven Shawl



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Elevate your ensemble with the timeless beauty of our Ivory Elegance Handcrafted Shawl. Impeccably crafted with finesse and care, this ethereal shawl exudes sophistication in every detail. Its pristine white/creme hue, reminiscent of freshly fallen snow or delicate lace, adds a touch of purity and grace to any outfit.

Made Entirely by Hand

The House of Devam is one of the only remaining design houses that crafts all of its Sarees in the traditional way. 

Loomed and Embroidered entirely by hand, each Saree takes months or sometimes years to finalize. We believe the epitome of quality is only achievable by using the diligence and care of an artisan's personal work.

Crafted from EARTH

Every Devam Saree is made with 100% natural materials. From our special dyes made from berries and plants to our organic silk-worm silks, each and every detail is from nature. We are organic beings, we believe our clothing should be as well.