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Devam’s unique designs are a promise we offer our customers: never to recreate a piece. We believe that jewelry is more than an adornment: it is a symbol of love – a promise that will last forever, much like our designs. Our international artists work around the clock to ensure that each piece is perfect. Devam’s designers painstakingly craft each piece to ensure that our natural gemstones are showcased to their maximum potential. Color, light, balance and grace are each kept in mind.

One of our primary aims at Devam is to create the jewelry that our customers have only dreamt of. For this reason, no design is set in stone at Devam. We customize every facet of our jewelry as per our customer’s request, because we want to help accomplish your visions into reality. Designs at Devam are exclusive. They’re impossible to replicate. The artistry that goes into each piece is so distinctive that it cannot be repeated.

The pieces in our Nayaab collection are created using traditional techniques such as Meenakari and Kundan work. These arts are very complex and done only by experts, who have trained for years in this craftsmanship. We also offer exclusive Indian temple jewelry pieces.

A Rajasthani technique, Kundan jewelry is made from 24k gold. This pure formula is very malleable. It is heated and layered in narrow ribbons to form a solid golden segment, into which a gem is set – to be showcased. Rajasthani influences can be seen in our collection of bangles, necklaces and jhumka earrings. At Devam, we believe that by looking back to the designs our ancestors created we can infuse a traditional elegance into modern creations.

Devam’s designs also reminisce creations from Mughal India. Inspired by looking through age-old texts and sketches from the times of Humayun and Akbar, we recreate these delicate pieces in our workshops. The romance and adventure of this world is captured in our Meenakari work. Meenakari is the art of enameling that was introduced when the Mughals came to India. Beautiful designs of flowers, peacocks, and other traditional motifs are etched into the back of a piece of gold jewelry. These designs are then filled with enamel dust of a specific color and fired. The result is a gorgeous piece, both in the front as well as the back.

Gold is a beautiful material that can be played with in unimaginable ways to create the most extraordinary of jewelry designs. This statement is proven truer nowhere but in Devam’s collection of exclusive Indian temple jewelry. Indian temple jewelry is an ancient tradition of ornamentation that began as a way of adorning the Hindu gods and goddesses in early temples. These designs evolved into a status symbol, with Indian queens, especially in South India, beautifying themselves with these gorgeous gold pieces. Taking inspiration from the longstanding tradition, Devam has launched a collection of pieces in usual casting of Hindu deities. Each piece comes with its own tale, a story of the triumph of good over evil. Never recreated, every piece of temple jewelry takes months of detailing to create.

At Devam, our designs are our pride. We know that our customers want eye-catching jewelry pieces that they will find nowhere else, and we promise to help you in your search.