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Jewelry customization & repairs


Devam offers repair service for all products purchased through our Website. Please enclose a detailed repair request, your contact information, and original sales invoice.

We recommend that you package the item securely and ship it insured to our service center. Please allow 1-2 weeks for a repair assessment. Detailed repair information and repair charge estimate will be sent to you once the assessment has been completed.

Upon your acknowledgement we will repair your item and ship it back.

Care Instructions

We hope that each piece bought from Devam becomes a treasured legacy. To fulfill this aspiration, the jewelry must be cared for properly and protected from dust and other pollutants. Daily use of a piece can also reduce the luster of the gemstones and the shine of the gold, silver and platinum surfaces. To ensure that your jewelry remains in pristine condition, we recommend a professional cleaning once a year.

Further, when your jewelry is not in use, proper storage is imperative. Our jewelry is presented in protective lined casing to prevent scratches and breakage due to pressure. Before putting on a piece, always ensure that the clasps are snug and that the locks are in place. If something becomes loose, be assured that we at Devam will take care of your precious piece. Whether your necklace clasp becomes loose or your emeralds need to be cleaned, experienced professionals will help you each step of the way. We want you to be perfectly satisfied with each of our products.

Gemstone settings require special care to prevent abrasion. Take care to protect your jewelry from contact with tough surfaces. Be extremely careful when storing gemstone pieces, as certain gems can scratch others. Store each piece individually to prevent such scrapes. As extreme temperatures, perfumes, cosmetics, and household chemicals can also prove harmful, jewelry contact with these substances should be avoided.

Caring For Your Polki Jadau Jewelry

Polki Jadau jewelry is very delicate, therefore it is recommended to wear it sitting down with extra care, as any fall on a hard surface will break it.

The chemicals from cosmetics and perfumes can easily tarnish the gold and spoil its luster therefore always wear your jewelry after applying them.

Never keep this jewelry in a humid place or expose it to direct sun light for long durations, as the gold might get discolored or the stones might become loose. Store it in a separate box, in a dry place, and wrapped in a cotton cloth for preservation and to keep it from touching other jewelry pieces.

Do not wash or polish it at home.