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One of the most valued substances in the world, gold has the uncanny ability to draw human beings, like moths attracted to a flame. This material that has been treasured throughout history – still today it is considered the purest of metals.

Gold comes in various forms: 18-carat, 22-carat and 24-carat being the best known. The carat weight measures the amount of pure gold within the metal mixture. The higher the carat of the gold – the softer the material is, making it simpler or more difficult to work with when crafting jewelry.

Gold composition

12k 14k 18k 22k 24k
41.6% Gold 58.3% Gold 75% Gold 91.6% Gold 99% Gold
* All percentages are approximations

A surprise to many people, yellow is not the only color of gold. One can also acquire jewelry in rose and white gold. White gold is a combination of pure gold, which is yellow in color, and other white metals. This alloy, or gold mixture, is usually created using minerals such as nickel, palladium, platinum or magnesium. Rose gold is a combination of pure gold and other metals, mainly copper. The copper gives the material a beautiful reddish tint. The purity of both white gold and rose gold, similar to traditional yellow gold, is measured in karats.