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Why go handloom?


Arguably one of the most alluring aspects of any work of art is the person behind it. Whether it be Mona Lisa’s wry smile or the careful hand of Leonardo da Vinci who placed it there, an item is made all the more special by the aspects of its creator and process of its creation.

This case is exceptionally true in the case of a silk saree by Devam. Devam has employed generations of incredible artisanal talent and skill for both jewels and silks. For us, humanity is not just a part of the whole; it is the essential core in every item we make. We will always stand behind our silks coming from the hands to adorn the bodies of human being.

Beyond the spirit that is inevitably woven into each silk, the human element compliments every textile with the warm imprecision that cannot be gained with machine made fabrics. The handloom reigns supreme in allowing the artistry and skill shine through in the quality and beauty of each hand made luxury.

A Devam saree is the culmination of spirit, effort, creativity and culture. Some individual pieces can take over six months to weave. It is always handmade.

It is always one-of-a-kind. 

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