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What Are Rubies Used for Today?


What Are Rubies Used for Today

Famously known as the “King of Gems”, Rubies are one of the most beautiful and precious gemstones that are found worldwide. They are known for their luscious red colour. Rubies can sometimes go higher in price than diamonds for their shape, colour and availability. These gemstones hold a lot of value in the market for their healing properties concerned with astrology as well.

Rubies belong to the corundum family. Deposits of rubies can be found extensively in Burma, China, India, Pakistan, Nepal and Thailand. Beside these countries, rubies can seldom be found in Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, the USA, Vietnam, Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe.

Rubies are extensively used for four main purposes today.

Nowadays, you will find rubies being used in all kinds of jewelry, especially in rings, earrings and necklaces. Rubies are paired up with other precious gemstones as well to make a set out of it. These are set with precious metals like platinum, gold or silver to form a nice piece of jewelry.

Bearings are small balls that cause certain parts of a machine to move or rotate. Rubies are smoother than most metals and the usage of them in bearings makes the processes easier by reducing the friction.

Rubies reflect light from one place to the other in an excellent manner due to its property of reflectivity. The laser that is produced out of rubies is red, since rubies originate in red colour. This laser is visible to naked human eye due to its very visible red colour. This is very reliable as it makes use of minimal energy and gives out perfect light required for a laser.

Like explained in the introduction of this blog, rubies are extensively used in astrology for healing purposes. A deep pink or red coloured stone is a very precious gemstone which is also known as Manik.
It can be worn to achieve success and growth in business, jobs, social status, authority and self confidence.

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