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Top wedding trends for 2020


Top wedding trends for 2020

Weddings are a fantastic way to show your loved ones just how beautifully unique your love story is! As you begin to plan your happily ever after it might be helpful to take a gander at some of the top trends for 2020 thus far. Everyone has their own personal taste when it comes to their big day so there’s no one size fits all wedding, but inspiration can be taken with these exciting new twists on one of our oldest traditions!

Just The Nearest And Dearest

In the wake of the pandemic that is COVID-19 couples are opting to host their weddings responsibly with a smaller guest list. These more intimate affairs have averaged around forty people or fewer and fill the room with a type of love that comes from real closeness. This style of celebrating can actually make your special day even more meaningful, and since it doesn’t break the budget your money can go towards other things!

Mood Lighting

When planning the look and feel of your wedding lighting can have a huge impact, which is why it is one of the bigger trends for 2020. Whether you are going for a more rustic look with exposed bulbs, or want to add some magic with strings of fairy lights the choices are not limited in helping you set the mood for your wedding. The moon will rise and your venue will sparkle creating an enchanting atmosphere to dance the night away!

A Sustainable Love

Hosting responsibly isn’t just about the guest list, it can be about the environment too! While we all have a blast celebrating eternal love it can create quite a bit of unnecessary waste. Couples are choosing to remedy that by going plastic free for the big day and even donating the flowers or plants that were used for decoration to a good cause they believe in! An eco-friendly event could be just what you and your partner are looking for to get your marriage started with a clean carbon footprint!

The Bride Does NOT Cut The Cake

Another trend that seems to be gaining popularity is the absence of a multi-tier gigantic wedding cake. As delicious as they are couples seem to want a bit more variety as well as some unique whimsy to their dessert tables. Mountains of donuts, cupcake towers filled with a variety of flavors, and even tiers of cheese have become the replacement in 2020. There are so many creative ways to display these different sweet treats, and your guests will have plenty to say about them!

Trends may come and go, but the love between you and your partner is forever. At the end of the day you both need to decide how you want your wedding to go, and what you would like it to look like. The best thing you can do for your day is to bring your own style! Take inspiration from what’s popular and trendy, but don’t let it bulldoze your wonderful ideas!

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