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The process


One of the most fascinating parts of a Devam design is how it comes to exist. The imagination can light a fire in any one of the Jhaveri family, paving the way for a new creation built on passion, skill, patience, and effort.

It all begins with inspiration. Mehul will come up with a new idea and immediately capture its raw form on paper. A few redraws, adding a gem here, taking a stone away there-the process itself is part of the art.

Once the inspiration has taken hold and the idea refined, the experience afforded by Devam’s master artisans is employed to work on bringing the piece to life in all it’s splendor. The cast is made, the gems, diamonds, jewels, are cut, collected and placed. The gold is poured and molded with an almost symphonic charm. The final product emerges in handmade Chandbali earrings, Sutarla bracelets, and a matching necklace set that is soon to be adorned.

When it comes to saree’s, Punita stands in a room filled to the ceiling with a collection of the most impressive silk sarees anywhere in Florida. She is curating new ideas, taking inspiration from the interesting patterns and textures throughout modern and traditional fashion. It only takes a moment before she’s captured the next look, the template is built and a master weaver across the ocean has begun to introduce yet another wondrous silk into Devam’s inventory.

The newest process of ours began with Devika, who is now working diligently to expand an incredible selection for her newest line of promenade fashion dresses for young ladies.

Look forward to more in depth looks at our process in stories to come! 

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