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Top 5 most important details of an Indian wedding


Indian weddings

Whether it’s Mengal Pheras or an exchange of vows, everywhere around the globe people identify wedding traditions as a big part of their culture. It is how we all celebrate the beginning of a bond of eternal love between two people who will build a successful and happy life with one another.

Indian weddings are known for their glam and many traditions that span over three days of mingling, meals, dancing, and of course the ceremony followed by a reception. We’ve compiled a list of five of the most important, and aesthetically pleasing details that set Indian weddings apart from the rest!

The Mandap

As the guests file in to take their seats and witness the ceremony at an Indian wedding the Mandap sets the stage, or rather IS the stage. The four-pillared canopy is adorned with colorful drapes and large flowers to serve as the spot where the big moment happens for all your friends and family to see! Usually built the morning of the special day it is the centerpiece, and certainly an important element to reflect the love and style that the couple shares.



On the day before the wedding the women in the family will gather to create intricate patterns on the Bride’s hands and feet with Mehendi (also known as henna). These breathtaking designs signify the deep and everlasting bond between partners, and also serve as one of the gorgeous details the Bride wears on the day.


A remarkable attribute to any Indian wedding are the beautifully vibrant colors that surround the celebration. Deep red, gold, orange, and burgundy are hues often seen throughout the three days and take on many forms. Hanging drapes on the Mandrap and around the venue, flowers decorating the affair, and the guest’s attire create a bright atmosphere to honor culture and celebrate love!

Bridal Attire

Bridal Attire

If you think the guests are dressed colorfully at an Indian wedding you should see the bride! On her special day she is the epitome of beauty and her Solah Shringar only helps to bring out her natural glow. Between the makeup, clothes, and especially jewelry she brightens the room to reflect her happiness on the day of her wedding. One of the most recognizable pieces of jewelry that day will be her Mangtikka. This is a headdress with a large jewel that will rest on her forehead in a spot that signifies the holy union between the couple on a spiritual, physical and emotional level.

The Mangal Sutra

Another piece of jewelry that is a crucial detail is the Mangal Sutra since it serves as the wedding band in the ceremony. It is a necklace that holds two gold pendants that the groom places around the neck of the bride to tie three knots. These knots are meant to represent a strong bond between the two for the next one hundred years to come! Certainly important to the nuptials, and certainly a thing of beauty!

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