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How to Choose Wedding Saree for Wedding Occasion


Nothing can go wrong with a woman when she is draped in 6 yards of grace! Ah, what a sight for anybody looking at this! But while choosing your saree for one of the most important days of your life, you should know the correct way to pick your 6 yards of grace. The correct body type analysis could help you choose the best drapery, fabric, design and look for your wedding day!   

Here, let’s see what is in the bucket for you!

Note: Every body is beautiful. Your features define who you are and there are no drawbacks to how you look. Adding on, every body type has its own beauty and pros added to it. There are NO cons whatsoever. Love yourself the way you are!


Body Type 1:


Your body type is termed as triangle when you have narrower shoulders and bust as compared to your hips. With this body type, carrying off bold and bright colours is a charm. Alongside, the drapery also matters a lot. Having a lot of complications in adjusting your pallu will just make it worse. Having a straight pallu with a beautiful drapery will take you a long way. Chiffon, georgette and cotton sarees are your best friends.


Body Type 2:


Having a balanced figure with equal or almost equal bust and hips is no less than a blessing directly from heaven. This is a chance for you to flaunt your curves, girl! Wearing chiffon, georgette, crepe, net and heavy sarees with beautiful prints and embroidery will make you look like the prettiest girl in the room. 


Body Type 3:

Inverted Triangle

This is the exact opposite of Body Type 1. Having broader shoulders as compared to your hips is called as an Inverted Triangle. Silk is a fabric that will do justice to your body! Add more drama to your outfit with bold patterns, motifs, blouses and what not!


Body Type 4:


Here, you have a shorter height as compared to average heighted people and hence the choice of sarees for you is very important. Combine your get up with a lot of beiges and pastels. Avoid heavy patterns or silk sarees. These might make you look fuller than usual. Go with basic patterns, borders and the entire look with get up. Pair it with a beautiful blouse and voila!


Body Type 5:


A tall height with a slim figure is a fortune you’re born with! You can carry almost every saree there is. How lucky! Pick heavy blouses and bold prints with any kind of fabric. You go girl!


Additional Tips while picking up a saree

Wedding sarees are a task to find, especially Indian wedding sarees or bridal sarees. Finding Indian wedding sarees online has made the hassle much easier but follow these tips for more!

  1. Choose your fabric considering the overall look of the day. Right from makeup to jewels to your sandals.

  2. Pick simpler blouses for heavy sarees and vice versa.

  3. Know your body type well in order to avoid last minute hassle.

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