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How Do Emeralds Form?


Where do emeralds come from

Emeralds are beautiful green stones that belong to the Beryl species. They possess some wonderful yet contradictory qualities of being hard and brittle at the same time. One can find natural/genuine and man made emeralds.

Natural emeralds are formed in two ways:

1. Pegmatite Deposits

When magma cools down, the remaining residue is left over. Considering the factors come down to right conditions like cooling down and sufficient residual fluid remaining, emeralds are formed.

2. Hydrothermal Vein

When the magma cools down and has seeped into the earth’s crust, they fuse with important elements like beryllium and deposit in the cool veins of earth. As a result, emeralds are formed.

Man made emeralds are formed in two ways:

1. Hydrothermal Method

This involves growing veneer in an acidic environment with beryl. The chemicals are heated upto 1000 degrees F at 1200 pressure bars. This process creates a solid green form called synthetic emerald.

2. Flux-growth method

This grows out a colourless stone over beryl. Molybdates, tungstates and vanadates are used to form a flux. These are then melted and reversed. Later on the entire thing is removed out to then get a new grown synthetic emerald.

The deep green gems are the most prized and expensive emeralds. The lovely variety of color is due to the exact amount of trace elements, Chromium, Vanadium and Iron, in the stone. With a hardness rating of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, emeralds make exceptional gemstones for all types of jewelry. We offer unique designs of Emerald Jewelry. Visit our store at Boca Raton Florida and explore the beautiful emeralds jewelry collection.

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