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Essential jewelry that should be in every Indian bride's list


Indian Bride's Jewelry

India is known for its tradition, warmth and culture. Along with these, it also brings heritage jewelry. The intricacy, style and gemstones used in the jewelry make the pieces impeccable. There are many ancient forms of jewelry that exist in India according to the eras, states and kingdoms.

Getting the correct jewelry for the most important day of your life is no less than a task. The correct colour, style, jewelry type, weight, jazz is so much more important than you think. Bridal jewelry is one of the most elegant parts of the entire get up oof the bride. Especially bridal gold jewelry has set trends for the upcoming brides in India and over the globe.

There are various types of jewelries and tips that are a must in an Indian Bride’s List:

Pick a necklace matching your neckline
It is very important to make sure these two aspects synchronize, as this could make or break your entire look. Make sure you are wearing a neck piece only as heavy as you can carry. It should weigh so much, so as to sprain your neck.

Pick heirlooms from your family treasure
Not a lot of people have the fortune to have a treasure left back from their family, but everyone definitely has their mother’s jewelry with them. Pick out the best one and add it to your look to give your look a classic touch.

Select your maang teeka wisely
The size of your forehead should determine the size of your maang teeka. A teeka covering your entire forehead will make your face look smaller and add a lot of drama to your look. Having a simple yet bold maang teeka would be a wise choice.

Nose pin and personality
Nose rings are extremely difficult to carry. Picking the right one could be a trick. Just think of yourself and analyse which pattern would suit your personality the best? Go with your instinct.

Big ring for middle finger
Wear the biggest ring you have on your middle finger to highlight your hand and make the look poised.

Toe rings and anklets should match
If you’re opting for toe rings, make sure you match the anklets with it. Mismatching or combining the two from different sets will make your looks shabby.

Light weight earrings in a heavy look and vice a versa
Earrings and your look go hand-in-hand. They could tamper the look if not combined well. Make sure you have the right heavy in your bag, just like the header states.

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