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Well... That is how it all began!


Chris, Rayyana and Mr Ollie


What is that saying about things happening when you least expect them to? Well... That is how it all began!

Circa July 4th weekend 2019 when Rayyana was invited to go out on Chris’s boat via a mutual friend. The rest was all history. What started off as being friends and hanging out in groups of people turned into what Chris would call their first date at good old New York Grilled cheese. It was there that they not only shared a mean good grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup but stories about their pasts making themselves vulnerable. Little did they know that this was only the beginning of their love story.

From then on out, their relationship grew and after almost a year of Chris courting Rayyana with scavenger hunts, mini golf questionnaire date nights, Rayyana beating Chris at his favorite arcade place, and many more adventures, Chris asked Rayyana to officially be his girlfriend with the help of a pizza because let’s be real, there is no other way to Rayyana’s heart than with food.

Since then, their relationship has transpired into one that is full of so much love, laughter, and adventure. What came next was Chris wanting to make it official. With only one way to do that, Chris went out and bought Rayyana a beautiful engagement ring from DEVAM. Unfortunately for him, it only took 1 minute of him having the ring in his possession before Rayyana knew about it (advice for anyone sending a secretive text message — always double and triple check who the recipient is!!). Nonetheless, Chris proposed to Rayyana surrounded by both of their families and it was just as special as you could imagine it to be.

They hope to continue on this journey as they take their next steps of becoming husband and wife and official parents to their fur baby, Mr. Ollie himself.

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