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Love and positivity are still in full swing


Arielle and Dustyn

With 2020 bringing unique challenges to each of our traditional day-to-day lives, it's always refreshing and heartwarming to hear news that love and positivity are still in full swing!

After meeting the old fashioned way through mutual friends, Arielle Paige Kahnn & Dustyn Shroff found they had more in common than they thought!

They had spent their childhoods growing up only just 20 minutes away from each other and learned that their families often frequented the very same places growing up.

Arielle and Dustyn’s relationship quickly took stride as they spent more time together filled with weekend getaways, family dinners, and one momentous occasion after the next with friends and family near and far.

As their relationship grew, Dustyn was determined to turn their serendipitous encounter into one to last forever. He surprised Arielle during an unassuming family dinner at home with a single question, a timeless promise, and an incredible Devam creation to be all be cherished for generations to come!

Congratulations to our newest Devam couple and thank you for letting us be a part of this incredible moment in your lives!

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