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A fateful high school encounter led our newest couple from cotton socks to a Devam ring!


Abi and Joshua

Joshua's first impression of Abi was of someone with a similarly quiet and reserved nature. The very first day of school, she had approached him to purchase a simple pair of school uniform socks from his family’s store.

Fast forward one pair of socks and 8 years later and the two have been inseparable. From beach days by the waters of Ocho Rios, to countless candy runs, movie nights, family trips, and even celebrating shared birthdays — yes, they share the exact same birthday! — each new moment has been a celebration of their adventures creating memories together.

Abi and Joshua

When Josh took Abi to the very dock he learnt to fish with his Taita, he knew he would be spending the rest of his life with the woman of his dreams and asked her one question on bent knee...

Congratulations to the newest Devam couple! Thank you for allowing us to share in another one of your adventures and memories together!

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