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Top 5 ways of incorporating your culture into a modern American style wedding


Planning a wedding can be complicated enough, not to mention adding a clash of cultures to the mix. Incorporating different cultures doesn’t have to be as complex as it sounds,and with intercultural weddings on the rise more and more every year spouses need a way to properly navigate them. This is why we put together a list of ways to help you get through this sometimes tricky process!

Top 5 ways of incorporating your culture into a modern American style wedding

Communication is key

As you’re organizing your wedding and figuring out which cultural elements to include it’s always a good idea to set up clear communication with both of your families! With the open line you both will be able to understand which traditions mean the most to both sides. This way you can narrow down which cultural aspects would mean the most to your loved ones.

Another way to assure that your intercultural wedding is understood and appreciated is to provide brief explanations on wedding programs if you’re incorporating anything into the ceremony. This way your guests can feel the significance right along with you and prevent little social faux paws along the way!


Customizing your ceremony to represent both of your backgrounds can be a fantastic way to start your married life together! Many officiants of different religions and cultures are open to joining forces to help you create a ceremony that honors who you are as a joint couple. A combination of traditional, modern, and cultural could be just the thing to reflect your unique and powerful love story.


Fusing two cultures in the art of cuisine is already a rising trend, so why not enhance your wedding with it as well? Introduce something cultural and new with the comfort of familiarity with gourmet-style food at your reception. Show your guests how well two cultures can blend together to make something beautifully delicious!

Small touches

Assimilating your cultures into your wedding doesn’t have to be all at once. Little touches such as colors, flowers, and hints of decor can be just the ticket to the perfect blend in a modern American style wedding. It can be seen also in the garments that you wear that day--a token of sorts that is traditionally worn in your family’s culture.

These small touches can also exist outside of the actual big day! If you feel like it may be too much for the actual ceremony or reception, consider incorporating traditional cultural aspects to your rehearsal dinner or other celebrations before the actual wedding.

Stay true

No matter what at the end of the day this is you and your love’s special day! It’s time to shine the spotlight on who you both are as people, and how your backgrounds have shaped that. You don’t have to go all out with displaying your culture, just do what feels natural to you both and avoid letting anyone tell you differently. As long as you stay true to yourselves you will undoubtedly throw an affair that people will thoroughly enjoy as well as remember!

How will you incorporate your culture into your wedding?

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